While it remains a Texas Corporation, its headquarters was relocated to Knoxville, Tennessee in 1991.

Located in the Oak Ridge/Knoxville Technology Corridor in Eastern Tennessee, Infinite Options found this to be an ideal area for development due to the above average availability of technical and business management expertise in the area.
  • Infinite Options Inc. is:
    • Service Disabled Veteran Owned
    • Woman Owned
    • Small Buiness (classification for government contracting)
    • Privately Owned
    • 100% American owned 
  • The owner is a veteran of the Ohio Army National Guard.
  • The founders/owners have been married since 1979 and have worked together as a programming/business team since 1981.
Dorothy Tutt is a board member of the InfraGard Knoxville Members Alliance (IKMA). This program is a partnership of businesses, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, educational entities and the National Infrastructure Protection Center.

"Located in Knoxville, our mission is to enable a flow of alliance with law enforcement to strengthen our national infrastructure against potential attacks. InfraGard was formed as part of the federal government's effort to protect the nation's critical infrastructure systems. It is endeavoring to function as a national clearinghouse of information about security intrusions, hacks, vulnerabilities, and to offer tools to help detect, isolate, and prevent attacks."

Our Values and Goals
  • We are a "Golden Rule" Company
  • To be employee oriented 
  • To maintain the highest quality standards of our products and services.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To  promote an inclusive workplace and help the community.

HQ Address:
Infinite Options, Inc.
2019 Lovell Road
Knoxville, TN 37932


General Inquiries via email:
(Lee Tutt - Business Development Manager)