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The first letter is presented in its entirety as it typifies reference letters presented to us. Those that follow are excerpts from other reference letters. Words in [brackets] denote comments by Infinite Options or paraphrasing for brevity.


Infinite Options is the best example I know for what a customer should be able to expect from their software vendor/business partner. It's very rare to find a combination of factors like those that compose the relationship Wheeling Hospital has enjoyed with Infinite Options dating back to 1993.

One very important factor is that Infinite Options-IO/DataManagement is an extremely stable application. Any issues we have had with the application have been as a result of underlying problems in the AS/400's operating system (or hardware). Having said this, the support staff has gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist with resolving these types of problems even when they haven't been Infinite Options' fault.

Infinite Options is able to support their product so well because they know it intimately. It is a certainty that rather than being assisted by a semi-knowledgeable support person, you will be working with someone who actually developed the code. On many occasions, a question or situation that might generate a ‘read the manual' response from many vendors has been answered with a complete walkthrough and suggestions on the best specific correction or implementation.

Developers at Infinite Options have worked with IBM's optical products since their initial development and stay very up to date with current events and the future direction of the technology. It is very rare to find a technical resource that can (and is eager to) tell you not just why something isn't working, but also how it works, why it works that way, and stories about how it came to work that way.

The ties that Infinite Options support staff maintains with IBM's optical group in Rochester can be invaluable in a problem situation. Disputes on whether an application or the operating system is at fault are typically a nightmare that isn't resolved quickly. My experience when working with Infinite Options and IBM has been different though. I can recall several instances where IBM Initially told us that we had an application problem... but when we told them who we were working with they responded "Well if Brad Tutt says that's what is occurring, let us take another look...". In all of these situations to date, Infinite Options has been the correct party.

Any dealings that I've ever had with Infinite Options have been very fair, effective, and comfortable. Rather that jumping through the hoops of support concepts like "customer number" and ‘ticket number', the focus has always been on the issue at hand. Consulting services we have used Infinite Options for have provided the same focus on results rather than complexity.

In short, for the reasons listed above and others not listed, I couldn't recommend Infinite Options any more enthusiastically. I've never worked with Infinite Options in a situation where I didn't feel like their complete focus was on Wheeling Hospital. C. B., Systems Analyst, Wheeling Hospital, Inc.[IO/DataManagement optical storage customer]


Infinite Options has been one of the best software investments we have made. The knowledge and expertise of Brad and his staff are second to none. Their optical data management product is very stable and worry free. Using IO/DM we have completely automated our report archiving and retrieval, now our Information Systems Department is free to concentrate on other mission critical applications and not spending valuable time capturing reports to tape. I would highly recommend Infinite Options and IO/DataManagement to anyone who is looking for a reliable solution for report and data archiving. E. C., Director of Information Systems, Blount Memorial Hospital [IO/DataManagement optical storage customer]


IO/DM has functioned efficiently and with fast enough response time that users don't know if requested information has been displayed from disk or restored by IO/DM from optical storage. In more than twenty years of working with software and hardware vendors, I have never worked with more co-operative and helpful people. We are very satisfied with this product and would recommend it to anyone to be used to manage their optical storage data. S. H., Manager, Systems and Programming, Church Mutual Insurance Company [IO/DataManagement optical storage customer]


We are extremely pleased with the performance of the product and with the service provided by Infinite Options, Inc. As an added benefit to us, since our production specification system resides in a mainframe IMS system, IO/DM is being used as a backup factory floor specification system. This allowed us to eliminate the maintaining of the tub files of paper specifications on the factory floor as backup for mainframe downtime. Again, the support and service of Infinite Options, Inc. has been excellent. The IO/DM product has performed above our expectations and has even provided some ancillary benefits that we did not anticipate. [Excerpt from a previous reference letter - an excerpt from a later letter from the same company follows. This is an "IO/DataManagement optical storage customer" operating IO/DM on a fixed disk archival system without using optical hardware to reap the benefits of IO/DM's intricate indexing system and automated features.]

Infinite Options has been a bright spot in the world of purchased software.

They do not bother us, unless they need to.

They are responsive, when we bother them.

Their pricing is fair.

Their software works. More importantly, it works as advertised.

They even help us understand the future of the AS400.

___ ______

Team Leader

Engineered Products Division

___ ________ ____ _ ______ Co.

PS: Brad, ________ would not approve of me writing this, so please do not use it on printed

materials. Thanks. [This is a very large, nationally recognized company using our IO/DataManagement optical storage system. Their company policy precludes listing their name.]


AAi has used this software to eliminate hard copy filing of invoice documents, provide on-line access to invoice and shipping data and create an on-line report retrieval system dating back to January of 1992. AAi estimates annual savings of $60,000 to $70,000 from the use of this product, not to mention the additional benefits of immediate information for the users and the disaster recovery benefits from making backup cartridges for off site storage. K. O., Director of MIS, Accessories Associates, Inc. [IO/DataManagement optical storage customer - excerpt from reference letter written in 1995 - the cost savings are even higher now]


AAI Foster Grant has been a customer of Infinite Options since 1992, using their optical storage/retrieval application on a daily basis. During that time we have found the quality of the software to be excellent, providing a stable environment for all of our optical storage needs. In addition to the high quality of the application, we have also found the service to be outstanding. Infinite Options has always responded quickly to our needs and requests, and have handled each in a fast and thorough manner. They have always welcomed any support issue or question from the smallest "what if", to large scale upgrade migrations. Their detailed knowledge of their own application, the optical storage devices, and system connectivity has been an asset to our organization. We have found the pricing to be more than fair, especially considering the benefits we have received, and look forward to a continued relationship in the years ahead. J. G., Technical Services Manager, Aai.Foster Grant [IO/DataManagement optical storage customer - excerpt from newer reference letter]


Peebles Inc. Has been doing business with Infinite Options since 1994. We have worked together on optical storage, hardware configuration, hardware acquisition, software licensing and the installation of both hardware and software. I have personally worked with Brad Tutt and found him to be very knowledgeable with regard to all the work above. In addition, Brad has impressed me with his sense of value, in other words he treats Peebles' money like it was his and works very hard to make sure Peebles is getting the best value available. [Infinite Options] has ‘gone to bat' for Peebles when a vendor does not provide what was promised and stays on that vendor until the situation is resolved to my satisfaction. Infinite Options has always conducted business in a professional manner. Our working relationship has always been good, professional enough to keep things moving but casual enough to get the most out of everyone involved.

Lastly, I have called on Infinite Options to do many things for Peebles and not once have I been disappointed by their performance. D. K. B., VP of I/S, Peebles Inc. [IO/DataManagement optical storage customer]


Thank you to Infinite Options for the fantastic help. Our business would not make it without you. You are always no more than a telephone call away. Your service is efficient, and effective. Without your recent services, ETR would have lost not only sales but countless man hours. Infinite Options has always done an outstanding job of taking a complex problem and finding a cost effective and manageable solution. G. E., President, Eisenstadt Tool Research [Local consulting customer]


I will never be able to thank you enough for the time you spent at my office when I opened my new business. You spent endless hours solving my computer problems and helping me set up new programs. You have been here each and every time I called since then. I know that you have not charged me only for a fraction of your time. I have recommended you to friends in other business and will continue to do so. D. H., Owner, Donny Hitch Collision Repair [Local consulting customer]


Infinite Options] has been extremely helpful whenever any issue has arisen. I am also very happy to report that there have seldom been any issues. Their service has always been prompt and professional. As a matter of fact, I can't recall any that have been directly attributed to their software. I highly recommend their company and their product to you. J. D., Division Director, Information Systems, Southeast Alabama Medical Center [IO/Data-TA optical storage customer]


Through the years in dealing with Infinite Options, I can honestly state that they have gone out of their way several times in order to resolve a variety of issues we have encountered and have assisted us in selecting crucial choices while being economically sensitive to our needs. The conduct of Infinite Options has always remained professional, their support has been consistently reliable and I therefore would definitely recommend them as a vendor for your organization. W. T., Systems Engineer, Network Data Systems, LLC [IO/Data-TA optical storage customer]


Our users are really please by the easy end user access to the reports and the time they save retrieving the information. We are a McKesson user and the system merges really well with our software. From the automatic archiving to the retrieval from the McKesson menus, this system basically runs by itself. I would recommend Infinite Options software to anyone looking for a reliable system. D. R., Director of Data Processing, Harris Regional Hospital [IO/DataManagement optical storage customer]


This letter is meant to show my appreciation for your devoted service and support that National Seating has received from Infinite Options. Anytime we have needed your assistance, you have always provided expert service and support in a timely manner that is uncommon in the Information Technology Industry today. Even when we have had an unplanned, urgent need you have been there for us and responded with great speed and professionalism. We are especially thankful for the assistance you provided ... when we migrated from our AS/400 520 to an AS/400 620 and then to an AS/400 820. As you recall, we had a 3995 Optical Drive that was attached via IBM proprietary personal computer. IBM was unable to assist us with migration of this drive over to our new AS/400 even though they installed it originally. You not only assisted us in identifying what components we needed to convert this drive to a more stable, direct attached model but also provided us with a direct attached drive unit that you were using to develop and support your latest product to use until we could receive the needed parts. Once the parts were received, you assisted us in installing them so we could again use our Optical drive. This goes way beyond the call of duty and propels Infinite Options into the category of the best business partner that we have ever had the pleasure of considering as part of our team! R. L., Chief Information Officer, National Seating [IO/DataManagement optical storage and consulting customer]


Infinite Options has greatly helped our company, Jamestown Precision Tooling, to send information on an automatic timed basis to our sister company, Dayton Progress. I know that if we have any problems, we can always count on Brad to help us out. He has been a great asset to our company. V. D. [no title listed], Jamestown Precision Tooling, Inc. [Remote consulting customer]

_ __ ___ _____ ___ __ _

I contacted Brad Tutt of Infinite Options to quote an upgrade to the operating system on our IBM AS/400. This is a very time consuming task, so we had several companies bid for this job. Infinite Options' quote was the lowest bid and three fourths the price of our existing IBM partner's quote. After receiving a good reference, we decided to give the job to Infinite Options. We planned a Sunday upgrade, since we work three shifts Monday through Friday. We got our money's worth! Brad was very thorough. He was knowledgeable in all areas of the AS/400. The very few problems that arose were solved almost immediately. We were fully functional the following Monday. Now when we run into difficult situations, we don't hesitate to call Brad. He quickly gives us accurate solutions. P. C., Computer Operations Manager, Dayton Progress Corporation [Remote consulting customer]


I would like to personally thank you for the years of quality service, support, and friendship. I have always known you are just a phone call away for any questions, or problems, I may have. I have been especially appreciative of your extensive knowledge in the optical and AS/400 arenas, and the "helpful hints and news" you occasionally email me. I consider you my lifeline in times of crisis with optical issues. I look forward to many more years of hearing your friendly voice on the other end of the phone! D. M., Sr. Programmer/Analyst, Southside Regional Medical Center [IO/Data-TA optical storage and consulting customer]


We are current users of the IO/DataManagement software developed and marketed by Infinite Options, Inc. We have been very satisfied with all aspects of our relationship with the company and with the quality of the IO/DM product itself. Infinite Options has been extremely responsive and helpful from the initial installation through setup, upgrades, and problem resolution. They have also been very receptive to suggested enhancements. In fact they have already implemented a number of our requests over the years [for no charge]. I would like to close by citing a specific example of a time when I felt Infinite Options went above and beyond the call of duty to assist us as a customer. We had originally purchased an optical juke box from Acknowlege. Later, we found out that Acknowledge had gone under and that there was no one we could turn to for hardware support. Shortly thereafter we upgraded to V2R3 of OS400 and found out that the only option was to scrap the Acknowlege box and replace it with an IBM 3995. The problem was that the optical cartridges from the Acknowlege system were not compatible with the IBM system. Infinite Options actually borrowed an AS400 with V2R1 and connected our Acknowlege box to it to get the system up and running. They then migrated all of our data from the Acknowlege cartridges to an IBM 3995 compatible format. It took them a whole weekend (day and night) to do it, but we were up and running on the new IBM system shortly after. Infinite Options professionalism and support during this period were in my opinion exemplary. J. S.,[no title listed], ISS - International Service System, Inc. (now OneSource) [IO/DataManagement optical storage and consulting customer. Comment - This was an old incident that occurred in 1999 and was much more involved than it sounds here; we practically had to do cartwheels through hoops of fire to accomplish the feat discussed above but it was worth it!]